Finish construction guarantee

If you choose a moxiom Guarantee, you are taking an important first step for a carefree situation.

What is a (FCG) Finish Construction Guarantee

Our Construction guarantee means that if your contractor goes bankrupt during the construction of your project, you have the assurance that your project will be completed without extra costs through our Moxiom FCG.

All work that still needs to be done in accordance with the building contract is taken over by a third party to be designated by Moxiom FCG. This is done under the same conditions as stated in that contract. Moxiom FCG organizes this for you if the need arises, Have yourself insured against the bankruptcy of your contractor?

Moxiom FCG will proceed from a zero point. This means that from the point where the bankrupt contractor stopped, Moxiom FCG lets work resume from the issued budget and payment plan. In accordance with the contracting agreement concluded between the parties.

The costs for a Moxiom FCG are at least 10 ‰ calculated on the total contract price (including VAT). These costs are charged to the client before the start of the construction work.

If you wish to make use of the possibility of our Moxiom FCG or want more information about our Moxiom FCG, please contact us.

* Payment terms and payments can be adjusted by us from the contract. In any case, you may never pay more or pay in advance other than finally agreed.

** The contractor may include the Moxiom FCG in the total contract sum, payment is then made from the 1st payment term.